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Important tools needed for cutting hair

Professional hairdressers understand that the art of cutting hair is essential. If you are an amateur, the only hair cutting tools you know are probably the scissors and the shaver. The truth is that there are many types of hair cutting tools. Most of the professional hairdresser use a combination of these tools to achieve the perfect haircut that you want. For beginners who want to start cutting hair, then the basic tool is hair scissors. However, as time advances, then you need to learn about the other hair cutting tools.

Hair cutting tools

Hairdresser Scissors

Hairdresser Scissors is one of the most important hair cutting tools. You need to understand that this type of scissorssadsadasdasda is different from the kitchen or cloth scissors that you know. Kasho Scissors are specifically designed to cut hair, and it has all the important features for cutting hair. For instance, you will notice that a hairdresserย scissor is very sharp to make the process of cutting hair easy. It is important to make sure that you donโ€™t bend of strain the hair when cutting. You should always use the right scissors for cutting hair.

Texturing scissors

Unlike the hairdresser scissors that is used for cutting hair, the texturing scissors are used to texture hair just like the name suggests. You need to be a professional hairdresser to know how to use this type of scissors. It is mostly used to add volume to the hairstyle and also to lay down a hair when there is a need.

Razor Comb

Just like the texturing scissors, a razor comb is mainly used by professionals. A razor combs in usually very sharp, and it avoids the hard lines that are common after cutting hair with scissors. If you are looking for that smooth look after a haircut, then consider getting a razor comb cut. A professional hairdresser should do the haircut.



Trimmers are not necessarily used for cutting hair. They are used for shaping the hair after you have finished cutting it with scissors or with a razor comb. For short haircuts or hairstyles, you need to shape the edges so that you can achieve a polished look. One of the ways to shape the hair around the edges is by using trimmers. The trimmers are usually small in sizes to go through the corners of the head.…