Are you looking for a pleasant and fantastic place to go on vacation? A place where you can relax and enjoy the breeze of the ocean or even mingle with people from diverse cultures?

Then Cebu is the place to go

Cebu is a fascinating city that has many natural parks and beaches. Everything you need is at your disposal ranging from a relaxing retreat in amazing tropical islands to all kind of comfort that any first class metropolis can offer. Cebu has 167 islands and islets that all have pristine clear waters and white sandy beaches.

Since Cebu is a popular tourist destination, there are so many resorts to choose from. These resorts are quite affordable compared to other tropical Islands.

Alegre Beach Resort

22mxjgoieoMost often the main reason for coming to Cebu is to relish Cebu’s appealing beaches. Alegre resort is a perfect example, located in the north of the city it has a luxurious and idyllic setting that any person may enjoy and love. Away from the crowds and equipped with a relaxing spa that gives you a taste of the Cebuano hospitality and an environment that has fresh ocean air, this resort is an excellent choice. The resort has large spacious rooms, fantastic views, huge bathrooms, a beautiful beach and a pool. Therefore, the resort makes a perfect romantic destination.

Cebu white sands

This resort host some beautiful pools that you will most definitely enjoy when swimming; however, the pool is not as brash, expensive or big as many resorts in Cebu but on the plus side, it will give you a laid back feel. The rooms in this resort are clean and large and the staff there are very friendly, interactive and attentive.

Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort

This resort features an open-air restaurant that serves some great food. There are also some luxurious new rooms that are fit with modern amenities you may need. Another cool thing about this resort is it has its beach area as well as a great infinity pool. The lovely landscape gardens and the friendly staff make this resort a one stop destination.

Be Resort

This is one hip and fashionable resort located in Mactan Island. When you walk into this resort, you will first notice the interior decor that is made up of stylish furniture and vibrant color schemes. The rooms also match the style and feel of the resort. The beach, on the other hand, is pretty average; however, the stylish looking swimming pool makes up for the disappointing beach.

Plantation Bay resort and spa

33bbbbThis resort features some human-made lagoons surrounded by luxurious villas. You can also pamper yourself at the spa, dine in one of the four restaurants in the resort or enjoy some activities like water sports; the choices here are multiple. The rooms in this resort are clean and large as expected in any luxurious resort.

Plantation Bay is ideal for the whole family with various activities that suit both young and old. However, the resort is rather expensive.…


Various Reasons Why Americans Visit India

American people have penetrated the whole world for various reason. Indian being a fast developing country and a great tourist destination is a country of interest for most. When visiting India however, one is required to have a passport and a visa at least. Most people would find it hard to acquire an Indian visa if they did not know that there is an e-tourist visa option done online. You can get your Indian Tourist Visa from Well, this article will highlight the various reasons why Americans visit India.

Why do Americans visit India?


dsfsdfsdfsdfsdfIndia is full of many tourist attraction sites and features. From the rich history and historical sites to the amazing caves and wildlife, India is an incredible country anyone would be interested in visiting. The Ajanta Ellora or the pink city education sceneries are more than enough reasons to tour India, not to mentions the fun in backwaters, Kerala. All you need to access this and more is an e-visa before your long trip from the US to India.

Education programs

Most students are required t travel outside America for either specific education programs or exchange schools activities and research among others. India is one of the prime destinations for this. As a student, you need a visa and e-tourist visa option also covers you. According to statistics, there are more American students in India than in most countries in the world. The two states get along well as far as this is concerned.

Business or employment

Business people are keen to invest in areas with great opportunity to succeed. India is full of Cosmopolitan cities with significant business and investment growth potential. Most American firms have either expanded or relocated to India due to the low cost of operation or production. The business people accompanying these investments also need to have a visa for the same.

Relocating to stay

dsdsdsfsdfdfNothing can stop anyone to live where they like and are satisfied as long as they comply to all the necessary requirements. There is a handful of American who fall in love with India and decide to settle down there. In this case, they need a visa and Indian citizenship application. Upon meeting all the requirements, this is granted accordingly.


The e-tourist visa has made things easy since one can apply for the same from the comfort of their computers and tablets from any location. If you are planning to visit India soon, use this effective option.…