Best Tips When Hiring The Bouncy Castles

When you intend to celebrate your child’s birthday, you will want to find avenues of amusement for his friends who will be invited to attend the party. The best way of guaranteeing amusement for all the kids is to hire Bouncy Castles. The ideal advantage of Bouncy Castles is that you can inflate them outdoors as well as indoors. You may not have the cash to purchase them as gifts for your child hence; it is more economical to hire the Bouncy Castles. When you intend to use the Bouncy Castles outdoors, you have to consider the weather and need to refrain from using Bouncy Castles on days which are windy. Mad Cow Entertainment offers different types of bouncing castles at the most competitive prices. Here are the best tips when hiring the Bouncy Castles to be able to enjoy the full benefits from them.

Best tips

Sufficient space around the castles

gffgfgfgfgfggfThe first step you need to take while taking delivery of the Bouncy Castles is to check the seams to avoid the occurrence of any weakness or breakage. The outdoors may be small, and your customers may resent being jammed in the bouncers. Hence, you need to check the area available in the garden vis-Γ -vis the area to be occupied by the Bouncy Castles and best to leave sufficient space around the Bouncy Castle. You should also keep the fan at full stretch and far away from the blower pipe.

Anchor your castle

You should see that the Bouncing Castle is equipped with a system for anchorage and you should ensure that the Castle is anchored securely to avoid any accident. Another tip while hiring the Bouncy Castle is to check that there is no wear and tear or any damage which might cause the castle to collapse or even cause your customer to suffocate. It would be safer to use a residual current device or the RCD on the power switch to the Bouncy Castle.

Check the area around the bouncy castle

You need to check that there are no static or sharp objects nearby the Castle to avoid the chance of injury to people alighting from it. You need to place safety mattresses at the exit as well as the entry points of the Castle. You may have to restrict the number of children going into the Castle to avoid a collision which might cause injury to the children. You have to appoint a special person to closely supervise the children and treat the Bouncy Castle similar to a swimming pool.

Check the credentials of the operator

hhjhjhjhjhjhjhAnother safety precaution when you hire a Bouncy Castle is to look into the experience of the operator, training and past safety record. Any adverse feedback might lead to accidents among the kids visiting the Bouncy Castle. You may want professional experts to set up the Bouncy Castles so that there are no untoward incidents. It would be worth checking that the operators of Bouncy Castles are covered under the Public Liability Insurance. The operators should have an absolute knowledge of the Bouncy Castles which you have hired.…